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There are some really impressive riffs on here - just first-rate shit. - Paul Batteiger,
Metal Crypt Review

Govor has more to offer to the world of music than we are currently aware. - The Fallen Alchemist,
The Grim Tower Review

Govor offers you a personal experience that will send your emotions on a deep, dark, and seductive roller coaster. - Ru1ns,
Ru1ns Magazine NYC

Each song on the demo is interesting in itself. In addition, folded into one collection which consists of colorful mosaics. - Marekeram,
Critic Music Review

Lucifer is a fire god. In difference to theological and archetypical, this is a materialist interpretation. Origin of human sacrifice (burnt offering to God) is in the slash-and-burn agriculture from the Neolithic.

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Demo album and essay are free for download.
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