Lucifer project began in spring of 2011. Demo and essay were relisted in summer of 2013 on website. Main goal is to record Lucifer album with a real choir. Expanding the essay into a book is an option, also the lyrics in english.

The idea of Lucifer as fire god was on hold for about five years before this realization. What was telling is that he was cast out of heavens and was a light bringer - lightning created fire. The most important ideas are developed only within the last year. The idea of slash-and-burn agriculture as the origin of human sacrifice was developed after reading Fire: A Brief History by Stephen J. Pyne. Important distinction of concrete and abstract (fire, among other) was reached after reading The Psychoanalysis of Fire by Gaston Bachelard. And the maturity and proper understanding of (Early) Christian view of Satan was reached after reading The Question of Sacrifice by Dennis King Keenan. It was impossible to ignore the present myths and this was also a great opportunity to share some thoughts about art and politics - at the price of coherency.

Opera was the first musical arrangement of choice. And an intervention into black metal was needed. First bands of influence were Dimmu Borgir and Immortal. Most influential of classical composers are Wagner, Mozart and Prokofiev. For example, symphonic piece on the last song is a symbolic combination of Mozart's Lacrimosa and Prokofiev's Montagues and Capulets. One more detail to mention is the Lesnoto rhythm. Choirs are made with vocoder VST. Recording and production was learned via written and video manuals online. Software for recommendation is Sibelius for composition and Ableton (best overview and flow) for everything except VSTi, virtual AMP and guitar FX. (Gear will be added separately.) The overall quality of production is satisfying but the choir is the main reason this was a demo release. Playing live is a possibility, with a lineup of course. Sincerely, Govor